Courses and Enrolment 

         The Courses for Correspondence Study and examinations at B.A./B. Com. level were introduced from 1971-72. Subsequently, after gaining Confidence and to help the 'Correspondence' students to further persue their studies, post-graduate Courses viz M.A./M.Com./M.Sc. (Maths)/D.F.M. & D.O.R.M. were introduced from the year 1975-76. Thereafter, considering the need of teachers by the colleges of education, post-graduate course viz. M. Ed. was started from the year 1990-91.           

       The IDE has now entered in the arena of IT &  Nautical Technology Courses by the distance mode.We have introduced five IT courses (B.Sc.IT/Computer Science,M.Sc.IT/Computer Science & MCA ) &  B.Sc.Nautical Technology  course from the  academic year 2005-2006

The IDE has started the MA (Education ) course from 2006- 2007.

       The Institute is now renamed as Institute of Distance & Open Learning with effect from 13th February 2009. With this the Institute will be more Open and flexible in its approach.

        Institute also intend to start courses in the field of MMS, Bachelor of Preparatory Programme (BPP),LLM, B.Ed in due Course of time for the benefit of the students.


       Examinations are held each year for all courses.  Learners who join in June-August are allowed to appear for the Examination in March/April of the following calendar year. Examinations are conducted at various centers in Greater Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts only. The Examinations are conducted by Examination unit of I.D.E.  for F.Y. & S.Y.B.A./B.Com. Courses and Examination Section of the University for T.Y.B.A./B.Com., M.A., M.Sc.(Maths), M.Com., P.G.D.F.M. & P.G.D.O.R.M. in the month of March-April/May.  Supplementary Examinations are also conducted for Ex-students of our  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses except PGDFM & PGDORM Courses during the month of October/November. 


1) UGC ,NAAC has awarded 5 STAR  rating to the University of Mumbai. Amongst the 500 Universities in the World. University with Potential for Excellence.

2) Curricular content, mode of examination and the degree to be awarded are the same as  applicable to the colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

3) Printed study materials are available in 240 subjects in English (also in Marathi in selected subjects only)

4) INTERNET & IVRS: - The information about admission, date of submission of exam form, exam time table, dates, centers, exam results and guidance lectures is released on Internet  Website http//

5)  Audio-Visual Centre located at Vidyanagari provides for listening and viewing of  Curriculum based Audio-Video cassettes.

6) Around every year  700 students have gone abroad for seeking higher Education. 

7) All three toppers (First, Second and Third) of M.Com. Exam. of April, 2003, April 2005 & also two toppers (First & third) of M.Com. Exam. in April, 2004 were from IDE

8) Library : Independent one Library & two Reading Room facility for the IDE students with home lending facility. 36 thousandoks are available

9) Personal Contact Programmes (P.C.P.) : Guidance lectures are conducted every year at about 60 centers in Mumbai and around.

10) Virtual Learning Studio



1.     B.A.(F.Y.,S.Y.& T.Y.): 3 Year's Degree Course with Study Material 
          Subjects:- History, Economics, Political Sc., Sociology, Psychology, Commerce, Education, Marathi, Hindi, English

2.    B.Com. (F.Y., S.Y.& T.Y.): 3 Year�s Degree Course with Study Material 
  Subjects (T.Y.B.Com)-Accounts Group & Management Group

3.    B.Sc. (Information Technology)   Three Years (Six Semester) Degree Course

4.    B.Sc. (Computer Science)    Three Years Degree Course

5.    B.Sc.(Nautical Technology)   Three Years Degree Course

6.    M.A. Two Years Post -Graduate Degree Course
 Subjects offered: Sociology, History,. Economics, Politics, Philosophy, Languages viz Hindi, Marathi,  English, Sanskrit, Urdu,Gujarati etc.

7.    M.A. (Education) Two Years Post -Graduate Degree Course

8.    M.Com. Two Years Post -Graduate Degree Course(With Study Material)
  Subjects - Accounts & Management Group.

9.    M.A/M.Sc.(Maths): 2 year�s Post-Graduate Degree Course(Without Study Material)             

10.  M.Sc.  (Information Technology)   Two Years  

11.  M.Sc.  (Computer Science)   Two Years   

12.  M.C.A.  (Master of Computer Application)   Three Years (Six Semester)

  12.    Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Management 2years (With Study   Material)

          (i)  Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management  (P.G.D.F.M.) 

(ii)Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Research for Management (P.G.D.O.R.M.)  

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